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So I ordered a sofa from here a few months ago and I waited all day(took off of work) for them to deliver since they refused to give my an approximate delivery time frame(sheesh-even disorganized Comcast gives you a 3 hour time span so you have an approximate idea of when they will grace you with there presence). So there I sat waiting all day and they never came!

Sooooo, I called the store and spoke with the Assistant Manager because I was told the Manager already left for the day. He told me that he didn't know what happened-the delivery was marked in the book but not tranferred over to the delivery log for that day somehow. Ok, so he tells me it is too late in the day for them to add this for delivery the next day and the day after that is Saturday and they are already overbooked so can we make it on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell him since it was THERE mistake not MINE, I don't think I should have to wait 5 days after the original delivery date to get my furniture.

He says he agrees and promises me a discount and tells me to call the next day so I can be credited properly. Guess what? I called the next day and was passed to the Manager who says that the guy I spoke with couldn't make the decision of whether or not I got a discount and he said he couldn't help me with a discount or to get the item delivered faster. I hate this place.

Would never go there again and i tell everyone I know to stay far away from here. Thanks for nothing.

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That sounds like a problem with the store you went to, not USAD as a whole.

We had a problem with my bunkbeds being on backorder. They didn't TELL us they were on backorder until the delivery service came, and didn't have the bunkbeds. We had already sold my kids' old beds because we were expecting the new ones, so I called them and explained the situation.

I didn't even talk to the woman who sold our stuff to us, or even a manager. Just a woman who worked there. But the lady called me back and said they had the top bunk, but not the bottom. She said they would deliver all the peices they had, as well as a temporary frame until we could get the backordered peices. Free delivery, and I was on the books for the next day.

The location out here had a delivery service that would load up the truck around 9, and then plan their route. They couldn't give exact numbers because it all depended on what they had to deliver, and where. They were in touch with me all the way until they arrived.

If you had such an issue with the delivery service, why didn't you cancel delivery and simply find a way to pick the things up yourself? You could've rented a Uhaul for $20 and done it yourself...or if you had a friend that could help it'd be free.


That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. That is not a change to the contract...the delivery date is not part of the contract, but an agreed upon time to make the delivery.

If the furniture does not make it on time, it would not make the contract "null".

It sucks, and you can go you, I am sure they wanted you to receive your ***, but it did not for whatever reason, and now you sound like a b#*ch. As far as being charged too much, did you READ the contract, or sign blindly like a tard...PAY ATTENTION IN LIFE YOU DUMB A$$!!!


Even worse and is best known for ripping off the consumer. They outright lie all the way up through management. So to call a manager is just taking your time to talk to another dishonest person.

Grover Beach, California, United States #75088

When the original contract is broken; it is null and void. You would have been well within your rights to cancel the order.

Hayne's Furniture tried this with me on a mattress; I told them I wanted to cancel the order then and there. Jaws dropped......the assistant manager called the manager who called somebody else, and the mattress was delivered the next day; when at first they tried to put me off another 3-6 days.

Always remember--ANY change to the original agreement voids the contract.

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