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this company was supposed to be for military. but the minute we missed a payment due to the army not paying us we received threatening phone calls and to a deployed soldier no less!

even after explaining the situation and it truly wasn't our fault the ARMY had not paid us. I was advised it may be best to give back the merchandise. because we would be getting numerous late fees and on top of that the contract was not done right so we are paying more then we should. .

NEVER AGAIN! to be harassed and threatened on top of a deployment and financial NOT worth going there.

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Actually you were not married to him at the time you posted this, we were still married, and we got all the stuff together. He left me for you during his deployment.

He was commiting adultery as were you. According to the divorce we split half, This dates back to before you were even out of highschool.

So get your facts right. They are garnishing both of our wages.


My husband's ex-wife bought everything in their house while he was deployed in HIS name MIS-using a General POA. Now we are stuck with $12,000 in debt to USA Discounters.

She has ALL the furniture & electronics. They are taking my husband to court to garnish his wages.....We want to re-finance to afford the payments, but they will not work with us...BECAUSE he is military and they know they can get away with wage garnishment. It's guaranteed money. It's the most ridiculous SCAM out there.

MILITARY WIVES....DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR SOLDIERS!!! This is not being a dutiful and responsible military wife!!!


Military Beware!!! SPread the word to anyone who will listen to NOT give these people business.

We need to ban together and try and put this company out of business for good. while I was deployed these morons took me to court in my absence and had a judgement entered to garnish 25% of my wages which is about $620!!!! They were rude, obnoxious and just plain ignorant but yet, they wanna claim they support the military.

As soon as I redeployed is when I found all of this out, thinking i'm coming home to reintegrate with my family but yet fighting a legal matter with these dummies...I had to cuss the mgr out, she was such an a**hole...They look at the military to suck their bank accounts DRY and ruin your military career. Ban them from your vocabulary!!!!


We paid our account off in full (present from the parents) and not even 2 weeks in they were charging us interest. Compounded daily, which they totally failed to mention in front of us.

We asked about interest, amount, sales tax...*anything* else we would need to know to pay it off.

And yet magically *** started to pile up.

To tell people they are morons and retards when whether you have bad credit or no credit is moronic. When you're down in a bad slump, I hope karma is kind to you.


You can't get threatening phone calls and be taken to court or charged these kinds of fees while your deployed. This entire entry can't even be TRUE.

In fact, there's a law out there that MOST financing companies will lower your interest rates to 2 and 3 percent while you're deployed.

Learn your rights and take responsibility for your actions. There are NO legal ramifications for missed payments while you are deployed.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #121442

Maybe next time you should be more cautious of who you give out a Power Of Attorney to and your password to mypay. Dunno, just sayin' For those that think you were overcharged, perhaps you should have researched your merchandise and compared prices.

For those that finance rims ...bigger laugh! For those that has *** poor credit because you refuse to pay your bills and then want to whine about how you've been mistreated and how they are now going to sue you for NOT paying again.. a bigger LAUGH. How about this?

This company does not solicit customers. That in order for you to do business with this company, you came to them to do business. They didn't cold call you, drag you into the store, make you pick out merchandise, twist your arm or threatened your life if you did not sign a contract. Sometimes, it takes a lot more commen sense than it does intellect, to read something before you sign it.

Still laughing at all these compliants. You people are all morons and retards.

Lidingoe, Stockholm, Sweden #83172

:( The bs I'm putting up with this company is that I haven't seen the merchandise and I'm deployed. Someone opened the account in my name and now I'm getting the same threatening letters as most people.

On top of that they're taking the payments out of my account instead of the person that opened it. I'm truly PISSED THE F%@# OFF!!!


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