Furniture Review

My husband and I got a tv two couches, a rug , a king size bed and bed frame. The bed frame didn't have all the parts and we were in a state that didn't have usa discounters. They did nothing about the frame so we got another elsewhere. We found out that we will be almost 20000 for the furniture we got from usa discounters. I could have gone somewhere else and paid 4000 for everything.
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Little Rock, Arkansas

Sofa Review

I will never ever get anything else from usa discounters. This has been a dam night mare. They delivered my sofa 2 dam times both times sofa had a tear n it. They suppose to have me on schedule for may 2 for another delivery n they didn't. Now I have to wait another dam week n the meantime I'm making payments on something I don't have.
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San Jose, California
New Reviewer

This is, BY FAR, the worst experience I have ever had with any purchase I have ever made in my life

I dont know where to start from, ohh well, i made a mistake financing engagement ring from them, the price was sky high, the quality is not certified at all even thou they told me the will send me the diamond certification after i make the transaction because the have to request it from the corporation, ohh well, they gave me a piece of paper shows the rings specifications signed by the store manager, totally lied to me, then comes the bad payment plan they have where there is no account that you can log in and pay your bills or see your bill getting paid so sometimes or many times the charged me twice for the same payment and when i call them, they apologize and tell me " ohh i apologize the guy must been ran your check twice by a mistake" are you *** kidding me, a professional company uses written checks every month to collect payments and one person does it all and makes 3 times the same mistake with the same person? this is just unbelievable, anyways, I had my fair share of screaming and frustrating times and i was just waiting to pay it off and never deal with this unprofessional company again until today my wife showed the ring and it was discolored and there I just lost it, OHHH MYYYY EFFFIN GOOOD, they sold the ring as of its diamond and WHITE GOLD not white gold plated, even the *** certificate says 14K white gold, and I asked the lady specifically if it was white gold because that what my wife likes, and she told YES it is and it never changes color and here we are in less than a year it is yellow not white any more the bras is showing and I am very very angry.. this is nothing but a pure fraud, they lied to me and charged me triple what the ring worth and I was ok with it if it was real not fake, anyways lesson learned BUT its not gonna end this way, I am going to the store just to see what they have to say and I am going to sue this company, I will spend whatever I have and do whatever it take to sue them, I had enough frustration and lying into my face. DO NOT MAKE ANY PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY.
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To Allison.....white gold is an alloy of what is commonly known as yellow gold. It is not dipped or plated. It's ok that you are confused but not ok that you are rude.


I sympathize! I hope USA Discounters/Fletcher's Jewelers Customer Service is able to resolve your distressful situation. It is unfortunate a company that claims it services the military community, which sacrifices so much for their country, appears to have such little regard for their customers.


ALL white gold is yellow gold that is rhodium plated. Therefore all white gold is "plated".

After time the rhodium plating will wear off and turn yellow, how long this takes depends on the acidity of your wifes skin. This is easily remedied by getting it re-rhodium plated or "rhodium dipped".

The ring you purchased IS real.

Do research before you make a complaint like this. Your ignorance is not a basis for complaint.


I understand how special an engagement ring is and I am sorry to hear that you have some outstanding questions and concerns.

My name is Rhiannon, I am a customer service representative at USA Discounters.

We are committed to helping you solve this issue. You may visit our store or send me an email at: and I will be happy to help.

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Fort Polk, Louisiana

Ripp OFF!! Fake Diamond sold!!

My husband and I just found out that the ring he proposed and married me with is's a 1.25 CZ!! We are pissed. I have been wearing this ring for 3 years and did not have a clue. I noticed that it would get a little cloudy but I would polish it or have it cleaned and thought nothing more of it. Went to KAY Jewelers today to get my wedding band fixed because we brought it from there and they wanted to submit my engagement ring with my wedding ring so that it could be sized correctly and the salesman tested the center diamond and informed us that it was FAKE!! He compared it to a real diamond so we could see how the machine will respond. Paid 5K for this ring. Now we are in the market to buy another. A real one this time from a reputable company like KAY. Please do not trust this company and do not give these people your hard earned money. We will be reporting them to the BBB; we may even try to sue. I hope this review helps someone else.
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I also got a ring from them too. After a while I started noticing the ring that cost over $1000.00 was not looking right.

I had appraised and found it it was not worth 100.00. USA discounters started sending me notices, going to take me to court.

I told them to do it, because I felt what I had already paid them was enough, since ring not worth what they sold it to me for. Finally they stopped contacting me for payments.


You definitely have my sympathy. It appears that some companies will do anything for their bottom line.

Do you think F.

Barron Fletcher III of Parallel Investment Partners knows about your issue, i.e. allegedly selling CZ's as diamonds?


Well for that money you would DEFINITELY keep the receipt... right?

Are you sure that your partner didn't try to pass it off as real???

Sorry, but I've heard of it happening before - then the guy tries to claim he was cheated and was told it was real. If not, please accept my apologies.

Don't TRY to sue - DO it!

At the very least you can go to small claims and recoup $3000.(Could be up to $5000 in some states). You can demand a copy of the receipt from USA Discounters. Bring that, and a statement from Kay Jeweler showing it is a fake and you will definitely win. It's cut and dry.

It won't cost you a penny - you can even get back court filing costs.

Small claims is very simple... just look up the process online.


Now, ? is what did the paperwork say about the ring or what did they sell it to you as?

Diamond or CZ? Now, if they sold it to you as a diamond then I would think you would be in the right but if it was sold to you as cubiz zirconica well, I guess you would not stand a chance? I would think 5k would be a little high for CZ but??

Now, I think if I were going to spend that much on jewelry though I would have made sure I was dealing with reputable dealer but guess you live and learn. At least by posting on internet you are making others aware not to deal with these people as I was just researching to see what I could find out about them and found your complaint so wont do any business with then after all I have read about them and nothing good.

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Chesapeake, Virginia

Worst Place I have ever dealt with

They are rude and ignorent. We had traded our cars in that were on allotment as well as our fletchers account. MY husband was deployed and I had told him the allotments for cars needed stoped. Well he accidentilly stoped the usa discounters allotment instead of the one car. We were 15 days late when they contacted me. I was confused so I told them I would call back. When I found out what happened I called them back explaind what happened and asked if we could make a half payment in good faith that the car lender sent me the check out and when I got it I would give it to them and we set the allotment back up. They contacted his chain of command and are now takeing us to court. WTF!!!!!!!! Most places will work with you. I maen come on 15 days and you would wait like 1 more week for the rest.
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I can assure you it had to be 30 plus days, no judge would even hear our case if it was not. We see allotments stop all the time and in most cases we hear the same excuses and it gets to be 2 payments due before it is even restarted, and being that you are military the bank refuses to send it until the first of the following month which means it will be 3 payments due by then.

The only reason we are instructed to contact the command is because you all are not taking us seriously when we send email and text letting you know this could become a court matter if payment is not made immediately and maybe we can get your command to explain the seriousness of what we are stating to you, to prevent it from becoming a court matter.

Our company is now in jeopardy and we have even had to close our main warehouse to close the gap from so many people who have either stopped paying their bill or have never made a payment entirely, so a lot of innocent hardworking American citizens are out of work due to negligence of some consumers in paying their bills, it is not to insult or disrespect anyone, but to shed light on a serious matter as us being people who need our jobs and people have to pay for their merchandise as agreed to keep that going. I'm sure we all could work together to keep everyone in America employed


Well, when it is a non military customer, who do you call so that they will " take you seriously"? Additionally it is unlawful to require an allotment as payment.

So worrying about when an allotment is going to post isn't your company's concern, just the current payment they are behind on. Perhaps if your company didnt charge the equivalent of 95% interest people wouldnt default on their payments.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

The worst leadership and very poor customer service!

I purchased from here and never will again! I went in for a scheduled appointment and the person I was suppose to see was busy so I got stuck with someone else. The young lady that helped me was knowledgeable about the washers and dryers. My sales rep actually finished up with what he was doing and came over and introduced him self since I had responded to his email. He told me that I was in good hands with the young lady I was working with and that made me and my husband feel good and I thinned him for introducing himself and he than excused him self. Well we finished out and the young lady told us we could come in Monday to pick up the washer and dryer, I began calling and I am informed that the delivery drivers do not work on Mondays and that I couldn't pick up until after than. I became up set and had to come in the store to see when I can actually pick up. My husband and I were so irritated and the manager we had to deal with was not helpful and was quite rude! I finally was able to pick up my things Wednesday which is two days after I was promised them! While there Wednesday my husband over hears the young gentleman I was suppose to work with telling his store manager of another customers issue that they were having that day and since the customer stated he was canceling his order the manager I believe her name is Regina stated the rest of the convocation is pointless! I personally do not know the specifics of that persons issue but from what I can and have witness personally the store manager is the worst manager I have ever seen and has behavior unbecoming of a manager! The team lead which is a young lady called Shawn is a much better manager than her and doesn't seem to let the little things bother her. Frankly I will never go back and after this sale I will never go back as long as they employ rude and nasty people! I have told my family and friends to never go there and they have passed it on, word of mouth is a lot more powerful than people think and I intend to use it!
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Good morning! I apologize for this incident and welcome you to contact me so I may further asssit with this situation.

Please contact me at 757-368-**** and ask for the Director of Marketing.

Thank You!

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Columbia, Maryland

Bad Company

Don't get nothing from this company they will file judgements against you for nothing instead of working with you they are ripp offs. All ther locations including headquarters. They have several staff in there corporate office of va beach who handles the files and they will file a judgement on you quick especially old lady who takes payments and others like ALisha and others just takes advantage of people how can you talk about helping people with bad credit but yet you don't work with them. Times are hard now you should work more to let consumers have payment arrangements.
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I'm having this exact issue happening to me right now they somehow put a freeze on my bank account now I have no way of paying my rent

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Washington, District Of Columbia

Horrible customer service

I ordered a sofa, loveseat & chair from the Baltimore location. I set up delivery for the day after I moved into my new house so that I didn't have to take any of my old living room furniture. The delivery was scheduled for Friday afternoon. When the delivery guys still weren't there at 7pm, I phoned the store. They pulled up my order & confirmed that they had me listed for delivery today in my purchase history but there was an error where I wasn't added to the delivery log for that day. He apologized for the error & I said "fine, so you'll deliver the furniture tomorrow then? He had the audacity to tell me that he couldn't add me to the delivery list for Saturday because Saturday was there biggest delivery day. I explained that I understood, however, I said that since the delivery mix up was YOUR ERROR not mine, you need to correct this ASAP. He said, "Sorry cannot be done. We can schedule you for Tuesday delivery". I then asked to speak with the manager & I got delivery moved up to Monday (still 3 days late). I told the manager that since he couldn't accommodate me for Saturday delivery, the least they could do was waive my delivery fee. He Saud no. Extremely dissatisfied with the customer service here. Will never buy anything from them again.
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Good Morning! My name is Len and I am located in the USA Discounters Corporate Office in Virginia Beach, VA.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniece this may have caused. I have personally reviewed this post and would like to speak with you regarding the service issue you encountered. Please call me at (757) 368-**** and ask for Len.

Thank You !!!


Hi elk, since you comment on every review here I thought I'd beat you to the punch by telling you that you should be trying to get a real job where you could make some $$ since we know USA discounters can't be paying you anything above minimum wage. Get a,life & stop trolling on this site.

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Baltimore, Maryland

I needed a computer for school

I purchased the lowest end mac book avaialable for school. 18% interest. @ 2yrs, I havent even paid for half of it yet. I got behind in payments and I have now been charged off. I just recommend staying away from this company. THe interest is very high to where it is next to impossible to pay it off. You would be better off to wait if you can and save up money and buy it outright. Wish I would have. Now that I have a charge off, it will be on my record for years. These people are just as bad as pay day loans. THey prey on people who have hit hard times and cant get a loan any where else. I understand having bad credit limits you, but 10% is already high. charging people 15% and more is just legalized loan sharking.
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You should always read you contract with any company. My Rep at the Oceanside Store explained everything to me in details and I knew exactly want I was getting into.

USA Discounters is the best way to establish credit even if they start you out at $250 with 5-% down. Pay it off in 6 months no interest....just like they advertise.

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Des Moines, Iowa

Delivery Issues

I have been waiting two weeks for them to delivery my tv and entertainment center. They claim the driver was sick, why is there only one driver? Really??? I still have not received my highly priced items! I'm highly pissed! The sales reps are rude and my account manager is not consistent nor did he or have he followed up with me to keep me updated. I have had to call every step of the way. I was waiting on call today, in which I did not receive. I want to cancel the order but I'm worried there will be an issue due to the signing of the contract. I will look into that tomorrow since they are not holding up there end of the "bargain" we'll lack there of!
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Elk, I hope USA discounters is paying you overtime to leave comments on all the reviews here. Get a real job, loser


It doesn't take no two weeks to get your stuff from USA Discounters unless you were moving and forgot to give them the new address!! The sales people are not rude at all!

They can't afford to be.

Technically you can cancel within three days; you just gotta have a good reason to cancel because those reps work their butts off to make a deal and to make a living...just like any other finance jobs out there.


you must work for this company and get paid to reply to these WOW

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

20% interest? How could you target those who serve our Country?? Predators! Leave our Military Heroes alone!

My son who is currently serving in the Military just showed me the contract he signed with USA discounters so that he could furnish his apartment. I can't believe what I saw! How can this company exist? I read some of the other complaints. This is a horrible company with no morals. Unfortunately, he signed the contract so there isn't much we can do but I do intend to file as many complaints with as many consumer affairs organizations and hopefully something will be done. The Military also needs to "ban list" this company/store! (I'll be working on that too!) Most of our Military are young and are just starting out on their own and don't know any better. The 'snakes' go after their vulnerability. These young men and women are just so eager to purchase items for their new lives and these creeps take advantage of them. This makes me sick. Sick and mad as ***. I can't figure out how the sales people in this business can live with themselves! How do they sleep at night? Oh wait, they can sleep at night because they know that our Military is keeping them safe. ugh!
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HAHAHAHAH man I hope you get paid well to tell people how your not ripping our military members starting out! MAM any contract is voidable within 3 days per our USA rights!


I remember sitting next to a military person signing a USA Discounters contract, and he was happy wit the deal he was getting. He knew he had horrible credit and he needed to establish his credit history.

His interest rate was 23.99% for 24 months; I heard the USA Discounters rep say that if he pays it off in 6 months there's 0% interest, and there's no pre-payment penalties for paying it off early either. At the same time his credit gets reported to all three credit bureaus just like I was explained. It's really there in black and white.

What makes the payments higher are the extended warranties and debt cancelation, but if you don't need those services you just tell the USA Discounters Rep that you don't need them.


Pay it off in 6 months and there's no interest...Military or not!! You have bad credit or no credit sometime you have to start out at a high interest rate.

USA Discounters is the best way to establish your credit history....just don't go with the extended warranties or debt cancelation which makes your balance higher.

If you don't need those services just tell your representative and he'll/she'll take it off and your payments won't be as high.

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El Paso, Texas
New Reviewer


Me & my husband are not even a month behind on our wedding set that we bought, and yet today the collections lady called my work when I wasn't there to answer she decided that she wanted to speak to my supervisor & told her that I was not cooperating & was going to start garnishing my wages! I didn't appreciate her calling my job and telling my business when I just made a payment at the beginning of the month & she is trying to say we are 2 months behind. I will never go there again nor refer anyone again!!
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It is very illegal for a credit to call and discuss personal finances with consumer employers. I would 100% push a law suit.

This can lead to making you as an employee appear, unreliable, irresponsible and can lead to job losses. I hope to see consumers move forward and file a class action lawsuit against this abuse in order for make sure these people can no longer harm family, credits and jobs.


Elk, you clearly didnt get the message. This company violates so many laws and regulations.

I had a neighbor who bought a ring from Fletchers (their jewelry division) and his allotment was mistakenly stopped by DFAS.

The collection department called his elderly parents and not only discussed openly his account information with them( against the law) but then told his parents that they were going to have him arrested for non payment! They are rude and harassing.


I do pay my bills!!


Good then! Then you get reported every month with USA Discounters that you made your payment on time.

Happy building your credit score!


Always check with your representative; the person who did the contract with you. The payments are always set a month and a half before your first payment.

I don't believe USA Discounters has the ability to garnish wages; they are not the gov't! If you don't pay your bills any company you owe will call regardless.

Pay your bills!


Typical way that this company's employees treat their customers and fellow employees alike. A consumer has the right to express their personal experience on the web to warn others of the abuse this company rules under.

What is so VERY UNEXCEPTABLE is your ignorant prickfaced response to the consumer and exactly what is to be expected when dealing with any manager or corporate end of this joke of a company. Not only are consumers lied to and trick into deep debt, but the sales employees are threatened daily that if they cant not trick one person into a credit trap and close a sale then they will not have hours, jobs, insurance for their families and are stood over in front of customers so they can hear as being told to "GETEM"! They pray on young military kids and told to run all credit and DO NOT LET THEM LEAVE STORE UNTIL CREDIT IS MAXED OUT, if you are unable to be so deceitful to trick this customer, you are then to signal the next pushy sales person to detain the person there until they find a salesperson that can convince these people how bad they NEED fake overpriced ***.


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Instructed not to pay, then legal calls

My husband is military and we purchased a brown, plush sectional from USA Discounters while stationed at Ft Benning. Admittedly we didn't have great credit so we went on a payment plan and even took the sectional used as display. (NEVER AGAIN!) Great couch. Loved it. Super comfy, looked nice, and then fabric started pulling apart and one of our dogs worsened it. This was maybe a year later and was not covered, which was fine, but they DID agree to repair where the fabric was separating on our wedge piece. We PCS'd before they could fix it and they sent a contractor here. He saw damage and that the middle seat of the sectional had also caved in. (This was months after being moved in and if a 60 lb dog is going to cave in a seat, I don't see how they expect people to sit on their craftsmanship.) They sent the contractor everything for the repairs but he never got out to us so they were working on what to do. In the meantime, we wanted to pay off our sectional but were instructed NOT to until it was fixed. (We left a $600 balance on it.) Over a year later, with many calls exchanged, we get a call from their LEGAL DEPARTMENT! They were going to take us to court over money THEY TOLD US NOT TO PAY! We ended up having to pay $500 just to be done with them. Worst service ever. The sectional is completely busted and sitting in our garage until we can haul it away to the dump. They may claim to work with military but "Miss Moore" (the woman from legal that called me) repeatedly interrupted me, spoke over me, and tried to intimidate me when I was trying to explain how their own employees had instructed us not to pay until it was freaking fixed. She kept claiming it was the dogs. 1) If they could do that damage, it's *** work. 2) If it WAS the dogs, why would they send all the materials for repairs out to the contractor? It's ridiculous and they need to be banned for military members because they do their best to take advantage and twist everything. Unfortunately it worked but hopefully this will stop someone else from the same issue. The entire thing was broken and if we had remained on the payment plan, it would only just now be wrapping up. $3000 for a sectional that lasted maybe a year? You've got to be kidding me.
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We purchased a sectional ftom there as well. Our middle seat also caved in. Mine was not the dispaly.


Never, never, never buy the display model from any furniture store! Especially when its been there for who knows how long!

Especially plasma TV's displayed! It's a display for crying out loud for show and tell!!! *** the bullet, and get it new from the warehouse, and get it delivered and have it set-up by USA Discounters. USA Discounters is a decent company to deal with.

Then again all companies do make mistakes once in a while. I had an issue that my payments were not being reported to all three credit bureaus as USA Discounters states that they do.

I got that cleared up by simply complaining like all customer have the right to do, and it was fixed.



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Charleston, West Virginia

Does NOT warranty their furniture

We purchased a new sofa 5 months ago, and the side arm snapped into. We contacted our location in Jacksonville, FL who basically gave us the run around. We had to contact the warranty company, who is willing to send us a piece of wood to replace the broken arm. We have to have the part installed at our own expense. We have gone back and forth with the company and the warranty provider and neither are willing to fix the problem. DO NOT SHOP HERE. Go to a reputable company. We were scammed by this company that they stood behind their furniture.
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I am an employee with them, in corporate collections, if you feel you have a warranty issue we are not honoring contact corporate in Va. Beach VA 757-368-****. I do apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused


Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

You had a piece of wood sent to your house by the 'warranty company' for you to self install it to replace the broken arm on your sofa????.......??????....... LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's classic!! Baaaaahwah!!!!

Oh my Jesus! Oh Lord help me stop laughing!!! My ribs hurt!! OOOOOHHHHH!

HA!!!! Bahhhhaaaawahhh!!! What a great laugh that was! Pure comedy!

Anyways....let me catch a breather here....whew. Okay, you should have used your warranties that your contract says you should have. Your paying for it! It's part of your contract unless you opt out of it!

You silly ***! USA Discounters has to send a tech out to look at your sofa first to see if he/she can fix it, or have it replaced 100%. Face it we're not like Tim Allen in Home Improvement back in the days. Its better to let USA Discounters do it!

Call your rep next time!


If you read everything they did loser this company is crooked

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Jacksonville, Florida


Like any new sailor with a new place, you want to make it as cozy as possible and with nice things that won't break the bank or hurt your credit. You get taken in by a kind smile and "knowledgeable staff" who are nothing but a sheep in wolves clothing. You get approved with a 5000$ "loan" to buy your furniture and whatever else you need to not live like a traveling person. Well, that was my case. I walked in on a beautiful summer day pregnant and wanting to make my house look like a home. I was missing some key essentials for my living as I already took care of the soon to be baby at the time. So I walked in, bought a kitchen set, living room set and bedroom set. Decent stuff, decent price. Then everything broke down after gentle use. I complained and told them nothing was done. Told my legal command and they said they'd contact them. I stopped payment on 6 months left. Got emails that were in caps and seemed to be "enraged" I complained to BBB and they "eased up" on the emails and phone calls. Then they started calling my command and faxing over papers. My CMC thought I was in serious trouble. I wasn't. I told them the issue, told them about legal on my part and theirs. My CMC then talked to USA discounters and acted like it never happend that my legal department never contacted them when I saw the paperwork. They are liars and scammers and sell bad products/not stand behind them. My CMC asked what I should do and I said to *** with it, I'll pay the difference to get them out of my lives. Down the tube went 2000k (interest) and just like that, the vultures stopped.....OR SO I THOUGHT! They tried to ruin my credit! They added "miss payments" and misc derogatory marks. I ended that real quick and sent the 3 credit report monitors the proof and they changed it to "in good standings". It took 3 months to battle!!!! Stay away from USA discounters! You're better off using Craig's list or a thrift shop!!!!!!
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8) I had made plenty of purchases with USA Discounters in Oceanside, and if it was serviced more than 2 times it was replaced. As far as wolves in sheep's clothing goes you can get that anywhere in customer service, and I am well aware of the scandals and bad sales representations these days, but that wasn't the case at USA Discounters in Oceanside. I had a complaint about the sectional I purchased, "The Horizon", and the chaise after awhile started sinking in, and less than a week, a tech from USA Discounters came by, took a few pictures, and no sooner than later the tech put in new cushion for me. It happened again, but this time the tech re-stuffed all the cushions, including the ottoman. :grin .

As far as payment plans goes I was approved for 'Self Pay', and I just go in and make the payments every month on the 1st. Now that I have a checking account, I can make my payment plans either the 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd. It was simple because I had a good sales rep.

The reporting to the credit bureaus at first was disappointing, but then I saw my contract and remembered that I had a high balance and my interest rate was 23.99%. My rep did tell me about this. My balance was much higher than what the contract stated, but that was because of the additional warranties I knew about, but I didn't know I can opt out from them...those warranties alone made the balance that much higher. I learned something. On my 2nd purchase I had the sale rep removed the debt cancelation because I have renters insurance, but I kept the extended warranty, and my payment was a lot lower, so was my balance in the long run. I understand the sale pitch now when the rep said the warranties are included. I didn't call him out on it, I just knew why he was doing it. To make more money. Wolves got to eat to. I'm in sales also mind you.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia
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