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Don't waste your time and money with this company they'll do anything to get you to make a sale but in the end you will be overcharged from the financing bank that they use the bank lie to us told us they mailed the check and wouldn't do anything for 30 days when we called to tell them there's no check here then went to charge us $25 to have it put over into our account and tell just to tell us that our bank rejected it not true and charge us... Read more

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Trying to find a pass account its showing on my credit Add comment

I purchased stuff from usa discourters n i am still paying on it so how do i get in touch with someone from usa?? Add comment

My products worked just fine. Once i fell behind on my pauments and called in to make a partial payment, a rep and then tge supervisor Iris Quevas both told me tgey could not accept my payment if i was not paying in full. The supervisor threatened to call my conmander even though i am not a soldier and she was very rude and talked all over me. Very poor customer service. I dont know who is not willing to accept a partial payment from a customer... Read more

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I have no problems with there products happy with what brought except the mattress Add comment

This company never wants to work with thwir customers. This situation with the.lm cause me medical issues for a bedrooms set that i never got. Employees there are so rude thats why they are in this situation. Ms moore, Mr Waterbury threatened my eldery dad. And Megan Moore a very inappropriate lady who flirts around with everybody. Add comment

They are the worse company and are very deceptive by using the word "discount" they are far from it. They take advantage of young service members or people who have had a hard time. I would shut them completely down. Same typical businesses that are found by military bases. Only thing missing was a cheap used car dealership and a strip club. Worse place ever Add comment

A couple of years ago we purchased about eight thousand dollars worth of *** that we thought was furniture with a bogus warranty that we thought would be legit. Within the first few months of having the furniture... the seam on one of the couches had come unglued and they did repair that, so I give them cudos for the fact that they fixed that for us. During this time the top portion of the night stand has bubbled and the leather or pleather(... Read more

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Yes I whet to the store to take my lap top that I bought from them and the store were closed and I call the 1 800 number and they give me other number I call and they said that I didn't buy inturance that was just extended warranty but I know I buy the insurance and know it's going r be 46 week for them to fix my lap top that a bunch of *** I'm really upset Add comment

I was promised if I kept my acct open if any thing happen to my items insurance would cover it. Well I have 4 dinning room chairs that are broke. Talked to in store manager told me just bring them it will replaced. Next day I brought them in and was denied exchange stated no longer in stock. Add comment

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